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Join us on October 17th &18th for our ALIEN ZOMBIE WEEK-END

Come dressed as an alien or zombie and join in the fun!

Dates & Times

Open after dark

Week ends ONLY!

Friday & Saturdays until midnight

Sunday Oct. 19th & 26th until 10 pm

Tickets go off sale 1 hour before closing 

On Friday October 17th come see Showbiz from KDON's Morning Madhouse


Alien Invasion: Evolution 2014
Hello earthlings and welcome! I believe we have gotten off on the wrong foot.
Last year, the “Universal Federation of Planets” reached out to your world and made contact. A virus has been threatening all life in our universe, and the cure was found on your planet, Earth. The “virus” that plagues us, also was spread to your world during our initial contact. We are monstrously remorseful for all loss of life that occurred. Because of the research gathered at this site, parcel 450, we were able to quickly overcome the outbreak. And to that end, further unintentional deaths and deformities were prevented.
The cure for this horrific plague is found on your planet in abundance and is completely sustainable. We are willing to share our technology with you to exterminate this disease forever. We are willing to show you not only how to obliterate the disease, but also a way to use the cure to propel your human race into the next level of evolution. You will be able to be a planet free from war, free from hunger, free from need. 
We know it is much to digest, but we ask humbly to be given a second chance. Please come to Parcel 450 at “Swank Farms” in Hollister this October. Let us show you how to be a better, happier “you”. Let us ease your stress. The UFP wants a better universe. We respectfully insist that you join us on this quest.


 If you think you know what's out


 there, think again......