Join us on October 17th &18th for our ALIEN ZOMBIE WEEK-END

Come dressed as an alien or zombie and join in the fun!

Dates & Times

Open after dark

Week ends ONLY! 

On Friday October 17th come see Showbiz from KDON's Morning Madhouse

The Story:
Parcel 450; Hollister California

There have been more problems for the land off of San Felipe Road in Hollister known as Parcel 450. Once known for its ramshackle appearance and questionable inhabitants, the land was finally sold to a hopeful farmer and his wife. Slowly they began to rebuild, taking apart the small city that once stood there.

 February 15th 2013, the same day a massive..., near-miss asteroid passed by Earth and nearly 24 hours after a meteor exploded above Russia, another meteor flew over northern California. At 7:45 pm, a portion of the meteor broke off and plummeted to earth, landing on the land now owned by the couple.

Coincidentally, there has been an increase of reports of lights in the skies at night over Hollister. A Facebook site has even been started to keep track of sightings. Also, during corn season, there were reports from the area of vandalism. Local youth were thought to have created corn circles at the ranch. There were no arrests.

The glow of the asteroid could be seen from the highway. Home World Security personnel, the military, and scientists from ASI arrived to study the strange glowing rocks and the viscous substance oozing from them. The area was designated as restricted.

Home World Security has now created a “safe zone” to view

and observe the effects of the alien contaminant. Specialists are on

site for this study and scientists are conducting seminars to educate

 the public about the imminent danger. We urge everyone to join us

 for this life saving event. We must all work together for the

protection of our planet and for the preservation of human life as

 we know it.


If you think you know what's out

 there, think again......